Second Call for Papers for the 36th WEDC International Conference]

31/01/2013 15:31

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Second Call for Papers for the 36th WEDC International Conference

It is not too late to submit a paper for the 36th WEDC International


The conference is co-hosted by and will be held at Egerton University,
Nakuru, Kenya

from 1-5 July 2013

Our website also includes additional information for those interested in
side events and capacity development workshops. Please use the following
link for full conference details:

Details of fees will be published shortly. Sign up/login to MyWEDC to make
sure you receive future postings.



The WEDC International Conference is a comprehensive learning event, which
provides continued professional development for water, sanitation and
hygiene (WASH) sector professionals.

A three-day conference programme initially facilitates the sharing of
current knowledge and experiences, through presentations and debate of
peer-reviewed content.

This is followed by a two-day capacity development programme, comprising
quality-assured workshops designed to develop skills and knowledge in hot
topic areas, which have been jointly identified with sector stakeholders.


Uncertainty prevails throughout all aspects of our lives. Changing climate
is causing increased incidence of floods and droughts; population growth,
rapid urbanization and changing user expectations are making planning a
challenge; evolving political and institutional environments necessitate
changes in roles and responsibilities. In the midst of all this
uncertainty, the effective planning and reliable delivery of safe water,
sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services remains of paramount importance.

The 36th WEDC International Conference welcomes contributions on any
aspect of WASH in low- and middle-income countries, including, but not
restricted to:

•       sanitation
•       water supply
•       management, financing, institutional development
•       capacity building
•       knowledge management and dissemination
•       equity and inclusion
•       solid waste management
•       community based approaches
•       disaster preparedness and response

The conference is for anybody working with the development and emergency
WASH sectors, from policy to practice, including field officers, project
managers, utility planners, researchers, scientists, engineers, social
scientists, trainers, knowledge managers and advocacy campaigners.
Organizations represented may be national or international NGOs, local or
national governments, consultants, contractors, UN and other multilateral
organizations, universities, resource centres, regulators or equipment
suppliers. From the big global issues, to local challenges, this is a
forum for sharing current knowledge and debating future options.

The content of the conference is set by you, the participants, and your
recent experience. Conference contributions are grouped into similar
topics to form themes. Formal contributions can be either posters or oral
presentations. Presentations are accompanied by a paper, which may take
two forms.

BRIEFING PAPERS are direct accounts of projects, activities or on-going
programmes, ideal for sharing field experience and recording successes and
failures. They need to indicate what lessons have been learnt so far.

REFEREED PAPERS are more structured and show elements of new knowledge,
clear process, evidence of literature reviews, primary data collection, in
depth analysis that supports the conclusions. Selected refereed papers
will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of the Institute of
Civil Engineers’ journal Municipal Engineer.

These are reviewed by an International Scientific Committee of specialist
researchers and sector professionals.

More detailed guidance for authors is available on the conference website.

All contributions presented at the conference will be freely available
on-line after the event.

We aim to review all papers within 3 weeks of submission.

Deadline for initial submissions: on or before15 February 2013

It is vital that the deadline dates for submissions are adhered to in
order to allow time for reviewers to assess the paper and to give authors
opportunity to make corrections, and ensure inclusion of papers in the
conference pre-prints and programme.

Accepted papers and posters to be presented at the conference will appear
in the Pre-prints. Afterwards, the Proceedings will be available on CD and
papers will be available for free download from the WEDC Knowledge Base.

Please contact Anne Blenkinsopp at if you wish to:

•       Convene a side event
•       Develop and deliver Capacity Development Workshops

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