Volunteer oppotunity

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Volunteer Oppotunity

Rural Health Care Foundation was founded in 1998 as a Non Profit Organization And Community based Organization which operates in the Rural Areas of Uganda (especially in Mitiyana, Mubende District).

A wide variety of opportunities are available for volunteers

  • Volunteers with a background in counseling could provide these services to the community.
  • Volunteers with a medical background can help us take care of the medical needs of the orphaned children, people infected with HIV/AIDS etc.
  • Volunteers can help us with fundraising, including the identification of potential donors or sponsors.
  • Volunteers with an educational background in teaching can become a co-teacher in the primary school.
  • Volunteers can become a friend to an orphaned child, visit the child in the home, take the child out on the weekends, or visit the child at school during the visiting days as well as many other activities.
  • Administration work in our offices
  • Training of farmers
  • Preparing monthly volunteer newsletters
  • Construction work

No special experience is needed - just enthusiasm and a love for community! Skills that could be valuable include teaching, counseling, nursing, construction, agricultural management, and many others.


Accomodation & Food Costs
1st month US $300
2nd month + US $280

We request that volunteers fundraise before coming and make a contribution towards RHCF development fund. There is no specific amount demanded from a volunteer but will depend on each individual’s capacity to raise funds to support our admin expenses and also contribute to various projects during your stay. Some volunteers have the capacity to fundraise and bring more money and it is encouraged.

Please arrange with Projects Resource Director  for this money to be remitted to RHCF bank account before traveling to Uganda or bring it with you.


Our current projects are:

  •  Food security and modern farming methods.
  •  improvement of  water hygiene and sanitation in the community.

for more information
email volunteer@rhcfuganda.org
Tel +256712446912,

or write to
Project Resource Director
Rural Health Care Foundation
P o box 10635
kampla Uganda

*To volunteer make sure that you can sponsor your own stay*
all are welcome



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