Our Story

In 1998, cousins Walusimbi Willy and Doctor Dickson had the idea to start an organization that focused on helping the rural villages of the Mubende District. Many families had parents who died from HIV/AIDS, leaving numerous children to support themselves. The pain they felt for these kids and a passion to help them took root in their hearts. The inspiration from the orphans, surviving on their own at very young ages, sparked the initial planning for the HIV/AIDS and Rural Mama Children’s Home programs.
Growing up in the rural outskirts of Kampala, both Willy and Doctor had a passion for rural communities throughout their childhood and adult life. They learned that people become sick because they are ignorant about proper health practices, and they often do not realize that they are fetching, using, and consuming contaminated water. People die from HIV/AIDS because they don’t believe there is treatment, which is why Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda focuses on improving the knowledge of rural communities and providing education for locals.
Additionally, many people in rural communities are living in poverty and therefore are unable afford treatments from hospitals or clinics. Willy and Doctor figured if they found doctors, who were able to travel and treat people in the villages, the quality of life would significantly improve in the rural communities. However, once the cousins visited the rural villages in Mubende, they found that many of the diseases and problems the doctors would be treating were preventable, through simply improving water, hygiene, and sanitation practices.
Over the years, Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda has grown in staff and projects but has faced many obstacles. Although many people are easily discouraged by facing ongoing challenges, Willy, Doctor, and the staff at RHCF Uganda persevere through them with hard work and trust amongst themselves and the local communities the y are fighting for. 
RHCF is fully registered with Mubende District Community Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, certificate serial number 5914/7265.

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