Strategic Objective:
  • Increase access to antiretroviral treatment by a community home based care approach
  • Reduce the rate of opportunistic infection among people living with HIV/AIDS in at least 60% of PLWHAs in Mubende and Mityana in a 5 year period
  • Reduce future spread of HIV among the sexually active groups
  • Enhance the economic status of families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through income generating activities
The first program implemented by RHCF Uganda focuses on HIV/AIDS management and treatment. The program has three goals; the increase of knowledge about the disease through education within schools and communities, the allocation of resources to those infected (nutritional foods, clothing, etc.), and greater access to hospitals and health clinics.
Through this program, two community volunteers from participating parishes are chosen to act as liaisons between RHCF Uganda and community members. We have trained over 70 volunteers on home based health care for those infected and how to distribute resources to those in need.
Additionally, thanks to a partnership in 2004 with USAID, RHCF Uganda provided volunteers with bicycles to allow them to transport patients to the nearest health clinic if needed. We receive regular updates from the parish liaisons and continues to train, and retrain, volunteers as they work on expanding their program.

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