Mama Ambassadors


Most women in the rural areas of Uganda give birth within the home, largely due to cultural and economic constraints. Due to a lack of expertise and resources, complications often occur leading to the death of the mother.
Through a partnership with PACE, RHCF Uganda has trained over 50 Mama Ambassadors in local communities. Mama Ambassadors are volunteers responsible for encouraging women to go to a hospital/clinic or seek a midwife for their delivery. They also train women on how to prepare for pregnancy and maintain good health throughout.
For women who choose home birth, Mama Ambassadors sell MamaKits at a largely reduced price (10,000 Ugandan Shillings), which provides a lifeline that can help prevent maternal and infant death. Each kit is equipped with tools needed for a safe and clean delivery; a plastic sheet, soap, 2 pairs of surgical gloves, cotton wool, cord ties, surgical blade and a new child growth and postnatal card. Over 900 kits have been distributed to pregnant women in different parishes of the Mubende and Mitiyana District.

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