Rural Mama Children’s Home

Strategic Objective:
  •  Enhance education status of orphaned children infected and affected with HIV
  •  Improve health status of children at Rural Mama Children’s Home
Evolved from the HIV/AIDS program, Rural Mama Children’s Home serves the children who have lost their parents to the disease. The co-founders of RHCF Uganda were inspired after witnessing the struggle of three children in Ntumo village whose parents had been recipients of the HIV/AIDS program. After their passing, their ten year old son was left to care for his two younger siblings without any resources or support.
In response to this and continuous requests from communities to create a system to care for orphaned children, the co-founders used personal funds to build the first home in 2008. Rural Mama Children’s Home has expanded through the help of the Franklin Rotary in Indiana and is in the process of further expansion.
Though the family that inspired the creation of the orphanage could not be located, the Children’s Home now serves 24 orphans under the watch of a full-time caretaker. Our goal is to create a full self-sustaining orphanage that has a farm, a school to provide vocational training, and a health clinic that will be used for income generation (serving as the only health clinic in the surrounding area).

We thank the support from Phyllis Hurley she is always there for the support of Rural Mama Children's Home and we also thank Joel friend of Phyllis for the donation to build the Girls hostel

Rural MaMa

We Thanks Phyllis Hurley for the construction and finishing the Rural Maama Girls Hostel 




Kindly watch this Video of 13 years old child below

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