Support For Rural Mama Children's Home Leadership centre

Support For Rural Mama Children's Home Leadership centre

Rural Mama Children's Home is under Rural Health Care Foundation Uganda, we believe that while life is challenging many problems affecting children can be overcome to bring out the leader within

Rural Health care Foundation Uganda has been working primarily with the people in the Rural communities, implementing high-quality programs that have had a lasting impact on hundreds of thousands of children, women in communities and schools, as a non government organization, RHCF Uganda has an outstanding portfolio of programs in clean safe water, Hygiene and sanitation practices, education for the most disadvantaged people and innovative care of infants and children health care through improving their nutrition, our projects are known for their high quality, long-term sustainability, emphasis on results and significant scale

Rural mama Children’s home is therefore requesting  $ 47000 for the construction and development of the Rural Mama Children’s home leadership center and Find the leader within a group breaking program that aim to empower  children, youth, primarily those who are orphaned and vulnerable, the girl child and their caregiver to attain education, employment, sustain a high quality of life and become productive members of society.

By -  Build and develop the Rural mama children’s leadership center to house the growth and development of the “Finding the leader within the program”

-  Provide the opportunity for children aged 12 -18 to become self-sufficient leaders in their communities

-  Promote the ability of children, especially orphans , vulnerable and girls children, to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS

-  Implement a sustainable leadership program to the orphans than can be replicated anywhere

Rural Mama children’s home want to find the leader within, the program want to support psychosocial support, goal setting strategies, tutored study, income generating opportunities, life skills and career planning activities, to further assist and create more opportunities for children and their care givers to become self sufficient contributors to the home and the whole community.

Children have leadership qualities within themselves however, for many children growing up, the current environment is not conducive for them to nurture their desires and skills. The challenge that children  face such as peer pressure, and negotiating relationship are compounded by the toll of HIV/AIDs , inadequate guidance, economic and psychosocial support within families and the schools system’s limited access to resources and opportunities, these concerns contribute to the need for the project can assist children and their caregivers to find the leader within them selves and use their skills in life beyond what their circumstances would normally predict

Rural Mama children’s home we want to construct  a leadership center for the orphans, so that a small number of children orphaned adolescent learn to analyze, problem solve and understand consequences of their actions in a safe environment providing choice and empathy, Rural Health care Foundation programs have taken on a holistic approach to the children’s development by nurturing all aspects of the child. RHCF Uganda want to address physical development through provision of nutritional support, drama, craft making, sports and organic gardening, also we want to build mental and spiritual development via intensive life and job skills programs , income generating activities, tutored study, peer education, self-expression activities and most importantly counseling and psychosocial support , Rural Health care Foundation Uganda’s goal is to expand the reach of the program, to provide more support and opportunities at Rural Mama children’s home to children and their caregivers.

After the construction of this center it will have the potential to directly benefit more than 300 orphans and vulnerable children ( 60% girls) youth and their caregivers and community stakeholders with outreach to 1000 children in the nearby schools , it will increase the access and outreach of services by providing additional qualified human resource support, trainings and services at the center, specifically it will  host computer training, leadership training, job skills, tutoring, life skills, farming and other income generating activities

your support will be highly appreciated

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