RHCF Waffles

RHCF Uganda has been a leading manufucturer of Waffles and provide them to the needy communities with little space or land for construction , for flats and for needy families and communities

Why Waffles Slabs

Make the construction work of houses affodable

Advantages of Waffles and T-Bars 

Reduce Time for Construction

No need for for more poles

Reduces concrete slabs costs

Reduces Cost for construction of slabs and whole building


Befor you start the construction make sure we move together for the benefits of your property and guidlines

RHCF Uganda has been building homes for low income earners and indiviuals in need , by providing them knowledge on low construction materials like Waffles, T-Bars, slabs , bricks , etc  for flat construction in the rural settings and Urbarn developing towns and trading center ,

we manufuctures Waffles, T- Bars for slabs, Biodigesters to help Ugandans to build thier house and also improve on thier sanitation problems, and also we distribute them to our clients , we construct affodables homes / house on behalf on the needy families both for local and for persons abroad and on behalf thier families


for more infomation email: walusimbi@rhcfuganda.org,  +256758446912


   waffles and T-bars   


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